CYCLO Spray Off Salt 3.78L Concentrate




Collections: Marine

Product type: Unknown Type

Vendor: DR Britton



Inhibits corrosion 50% better 

Keep your boat and engine in top condition. The Cyclo SOS Spray Off Salt Concentrated Formula removes salt deposits and inhibits rust and corrosion. Ideal for flushing marine engines, it dries without leaving a waxy residue and offers multi-surface protection. This concentrated formula is used with the Cyclo SOS Applicator which is attached to your hose or engine flushing system. 

Cyclo SOS Spray Off Salt Concentrated Formula Features: 
- Product code: C573 
- Removes salt deposits 
- Inhibits Rust & Corrosion 
- Dries Without Leaving Waxy Residue 
- Great for Saltwater and Freshwater 
- Ideal for Flushing Engines 
- Multi-Surface Protector 
- Biodegradable - Ocean Friendly Formula 
- Concentrate formula for use with SOS applicator (C574) 
- 1 gallon (3.78 litres)